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Jodi at JUMPT is fully trained in personal training, life coaching and NLP with a Diploma in Fitness and Life Coaching and a Master Practitioner of NLP. She is qualified in Thump boxing, PUMP, and spin. She provides group sessions which are scheduled throughout the week in Ocean Grove. The sessions provide a challenge for all fitness levels, variety and most importantly fun.

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Includes the book “Change Your Body”, an action / workout manual and a reciepe book all written by the world’s fittest couple Matt Thom and Monica Wrigh. There are 3 challenge options to choose from which include weekly group workouts and Life coaching sessions along with before and after fitness tests. All monitored throughout by Jodi at JUMPT.

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Health and Wellness Coaching

Jodi is a qualified Master Practitioner in NLP and has a Diploma in Life Coaching. She offers the space for you to explore your values and beliefs and understand how they effect the choices you make in your life. By exploring these and other areas in your life you will be able to make the changes necessary to live your life at your full potential. At JUMPT we believe that you have all the resources you need within in you now!

4 Week Clean Eating Bootcamp

Begins on the first Monday of the month.

Designed to get you eating healthy food and getting results. Includes motivational workouts, before and after fitness assessment, on line members group and tasty recipes for the whole family.

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