What’s Best – Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs or a combo?

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When creating your own workout there are so many different variables it can become confusing. Last month I listed some tips for your home workout. This month I am focusing on the first tip; Muscle groups. When you have chosen your method of measuring ie; time or repetitions you then need to decide on what area of the body you are going to work. Arms, Legs, Abs, Cardio or a combination.

Many of you have also read about “rest days”. What are they and do we need them? I like to think of a rest day as either having a complete day off exercise of working a different area of the body. I will talk more about that next month. For now though if we think of a rest day as working a different area of the body then when we create a workout we can begin to focus on grouping our exercises together and then plan out the different workouts over the week.

Our goals are also important. Why are we exercising? Is it to loose weight? If so we may have more cardio. Is it to gain upper body strength? Then we would focus more on exercises for the upper body. Or perhaps your why to exercise is to compete in a fun run or improve for a particular sport. In that case the exercises you choose will be more specific to your sport.

A lot of us though like to exercise because we want to be fit, healthy and energetic so that we can enjoy life. If this is you then variety will help you stay motivated. So having different workouts that focus on different areas or muscle groups will not only give you variety but will also allow you to workout each day and give muscle groups a rest. It also prevent continuous reptitions which can also lead to injury.

Here is a quick example of how you could mix up your exercise over a week. Always make sure you have your doctor or physio’s approval before you embark on any new exercise routine. And also it’s very important that you get advice on the technique you are using. Making sure you are performing the exercise correctly helps to prevent injury.

Sunday:               Long Run

Monday:              Upper Body & Ab’s

Tuesday:              Lower Body

Wednesday:        Run or Swim

Thursday:            Upper Body

Friday:                  Lower Body & Abs

Saturday:             Rest / Ride / Short run / swim


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