Standout This Party Season

| December 9, 2016 | 0 Comments

The end of year party season is in full swing! You’ve got the perfect KK present and your outfit is looking fab. So what are you missing?

This one is definitely a quote from the mums’ play book: STAND UP STRAIGHT!

When you stand or sit up straight you show a posture that oozes confidence. Research also suggests that you are more likely to have a positive attitude toward the future. Exactly what is needed when you’re talking to the Boss’ partner!

When standing have your weight evenly distributed between both feet, your arms by your side; hanging in a relaxed manor, your shoulder blades tucked back and down, into the middle of your spine and your chin up.

When sitting down try to have your feet planted evenly on the ground, your gluteal muscles switched on and shoulder blades and chin in the same position as to when you were standing making small talk. This ensures your posture not only shows that you are confident but makes your feel more positive too!

Having an overall positive attitude and thoughts (wear a smile!) when sitting up or standing tall is the best way to tackle the silly seasons parties! Not sure that you have it down pat? Book in for a postural assessment with the team The Health Creation Centre to have that posture sorted for your next party!


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