Rest Days are They Important?

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Rest Days, do we need them?

Resting is crucial for your muscles and body to recover from your workouts. We all need a day off. But you don’t need to spend your day on the couch.

As we work, we place strain and stress on our muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones. In response to the stress miniature muscle tears and joint sprains occur. Our body then repairs the tears and strains and builds them even stronger.  Recovery allows for your body to adapt to the stresses that arise from your workout.

Without adequate recovery you put yourself at greater risk of injury, illness and a body that is not at 100% for strength or endurance at the next workout. This is because your musculoskeletal system, your immune system, hormonal system and your nervous system have all been compromised.

Say you decide to start or even increase the amount of running you do and you run every day. Running is a high impact activity and puts a lot of stress on your feet, legs and hips. Without rest days and regular stretching and strengthening you run the risk of bone spurs, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and much more.

Your rest day will depend on the type of athlete you are. Elite athletes down to someone just starting out. If your new to exercise slowly increase your frequency and intensity. Too often people add too much too soon and it might not be until 3 or 4 months down the track before an injury occurs sidelining them back to the start.

For the more regular exercise goer a day off might include an activity that is completely different to their workout; weight lifter doing cardio, runner doing weights or swimming. In fact your rest day could be the workout you dedicate to yoga, rehab exercises and stretches. It could also be a walk along the beach or a hit of tennis with the kids. Either way you can still be active without the major stress of a hard workout.

Look after your body on the inside and the outside. It is the only one you have and will be the difference in enjoying an active fun filled adventurous life or a life of illness and stress.


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