Nutrition Consistency

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As last blog I was talking about consistency I thought it was a great opportunity to talk about how we can be consistent with our nutrition. Because if we can be consistent with what we eat on a day to day basis then when the opportunity to go out with friends presents itself we can enjoy the freedom good food and company.

If we use the example of going out to dinner with friends or going to a BBQ we can also be consistent with the choices we make as these special events.

Consistency during the week could be:

  • making sure you eat breakfast
  • drinking water throughout the day
  • eating starchy carbs at lunch time
  • making sure you have 5serves of vegi’s
  • having vegi’s with dinner
  • not eating after dinner
  • Eating grainy breads

Being consistent with some of these principals all works towards creating healthy habits.

Some ideas for eating out:

  • Stick to salads
  • Eating tomato based dishes over creamy based dishes
  • Be the designated driver so you can’t drink too much alcohol
  • Take a salad to BBQ’s – that way you know there will be something there that you like.

Being consistent in these situations helps to maintain your consistency so that your weight does not yo yo up and down.

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