Cracked Heels

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Top three tips to fix cracked heels!


One of the most common conditions we see at the end of summer is cracked and sore heels. I often get asked ‘what is the best way to fix cracked heels?’.

With certain weather and more ‘open’ footwear, certain skin profiles can dry out and crack. The three best ways you can reduce cracked heels at home are:

Foot Soaks

–       This helps to soften and prepare your feet ready to reduce the hard, dry skin

–       5-10 minutes in a comfortable temperature

Pumice stone or File

–       Use this to reduce the excessive, non-viable dry skin that accumulates on the top layers of skin

–       Apply adequate pressure to remove the top layers of hard skin.

–       Do this progressively each day rather than trying to remove all layers at one time.

–       Avoid razors and metal blades. These can be harmful and increase the risk of infection.

Foot cream/emollient

–       Use a foot specific cream, ideally with 15-25% urea

–       I recommend Walker’s Urea 15 Cream (15% urea) or Pedicreme

–       Apply daily, ideally after a shower


If there are still cracked and dry areas after 2-3 weeks of following the above tips, make an appointment with one of a podiatrist who can help keep you skin hydrated and healthy!


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