Consistency = Good & Bad Habits

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One of the most important tips, I think, in maintaining health and fitness is “consistency”. In fact consistency is really the underlying key factor in life for all things. It’s what we do on a regular basis that then creates our habits be they good or bad.

Consistency in the dictionary has been defined as;

  • Steadfast adherence to the same principals
  • Reliability or uniformity of successive results or events


Consistency for me with fitness is having a particular time for each day set aside for exercise. And a plan of what I can also do the game of life sometimes gets in the way. For example 6am workout every Monday morning. And if by chance I was unable to do the workout know in my head a plan B time, perhaps 6 or 7pm that night. Sometimes it may mean being rushed or re organising a few things but if I know it’s a once off then I can make an exception.

I also treat my workouts like work. If you are feeling a little off you still turn up to work. If you’ve had a rough night with kids or a headache you still turn up to work. The day is too hot, too cold, windy or your tired you still turn up to work. Get the idea?

When my kids are on school holidays I still participate in a 6am session in Geelong. Yes, sometimes there is a little voice that quietly says “You know you could sleep in?” But I think of all the extra things I get done and if I did sleep in then I would have to find time later in the day to exercise (and juggle that with kids!). I can be home and showered before they even get out of bed. My Time!

I also schedule my appointments around my exercise. Very rarely would an appointment clash. Certainly not for a haircut, massage or the dentist. I just ask for the next available time.

Being consistent then means that if I really really can’t exercise on a particular day I know I will be exercising the next day and I don’t have to feel guilty for not exercising.

So what area’s of your life are you consistent? Where have you developed fantastic consistent habits that are resourceful? Where are the not so resourceful habits in your life that you could improve on?

A healthy lifestyle where you feel fit and energetic all begins with consistency.

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