Common Factors That Contribute To Shin Splints

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Common Factors Contributing to Shin Splints


Shin splints is a broad, umbrella term which can be used to describe a variety of specific pathology in the lower leg/shin.

Below we have listed some of the common contributing factors to most cases of “shin splints” and what you can do to help!


1) Update your running shoes!

Running shoes lose their cushioning and support over time. This can increase the load on our legs and feet, contributing to the structures in our legs becoming tired, achy and potentially injured. Update your runners from a speciality running store like:


2) Calf stretching

Doing an appropriate cool down after your workout and definitely include some calf stretching. Stretching both your gastrocs (top of your calf) and your soleus (lower calf) can be beneficial to reduce soft tissue tightness and dysfunction.


3) Massage

Make a time to get a regular massage (weekly or fortnightly is ideal if you are in pain) via your myotherapist or remedial massage therapist. This will again help to reduce some of the soft tissue tightness and dysfunction.


4) Vary your load

Be sure to keep active if you can and vary up your load in between run sessions with cross training, pool and even spin classes.


5) Work shoes

Having a supportive and cushioned work shoe can help you with the incidental and cumulative loading through the week.


If your pain is not settling after one to three weeks of being compliant with the above tips, it is worth getting clarity around your exact pathology.

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Happy running, Rosie


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