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A classic excuse for skipping breakfast is often about dieting. People feel that by ignoring the first meal of the day, they are reducing their caloric intake and promoting weight loss. A vicious cycle starts and can lead to eating a larger meal toward the end of the day and then actually not be hungry for breakfast the next morning. Our body loves to be fuelled often to perform well.

People who claim they are cutting calories by skipping breakfast, also are the very same people who are found snacking later in the day and fighting the low energy battle in the late afternoon and evening. Breakfast was designed to rev up your body for the rest of the day by boosting your energy, keeping your eating patterns even and stimulating your body’s metabolism. No wonder those who skip breakfast are constantly in the “focus on weight loss” mode.

Along with this, comes the complaint that by eating breakfast, hunger pains are felt throughout the day. This warrants a closer look at other eating habits and what type of food is actually being eaten for breakfast. Are the types of carbohydrates chosen to start the day simple or complex carbohydrates? Foods high in sugar, even the “natural” fruit sugar will raise blood sugar levels quickly and trigger hunger and sleepiness a few hours later. Your body still may be hungry from not getting enough fuel 24 hours ago and just responding to the feast or famine cycle of the day before.

Focus on a blend of protein and carbohydrates at breakfast. Hearty carbohydrates will give that boost of energy to jumpstart your day. A mix of protein will be the staying power to keep your body going strong over the next three to four hours until lunch.

Some brands of cereal offer more nutrition than others. According to Nancy Clark, sports nutritionist, “Choose wholesome cereals that are iron-enriched, not loaded with sugar, and have high-fibre bran content.” Cereal is not only a traditional breakfast but also may be one of the quickest and versatile meals for the morning time rush. Going the milk and cereal route is a perfect way to combine protein and carbohydrates. Smoothies are also great for that grab and go breakfast.

Take the breakfast challenge to get up a little earlier, and focus on fuelling your body. You will have more energy throughout the day, and your body will respond by maintaining a healthier weight throughout the year.


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