Jumpt personal training provides challenging workouts for all levels of fitness at all stages of life. We believe in creating daily habits of exercises and nutrition that can be incorporated into a healthy way of life. From boxing, circuit and cardio sessions to an 84 Day Challenge or Life Coaching there is something for everyone, even Mums with young children. If you are experiencing procrastination, low self confidence, self sabotage or a lack of vision and purpose in your life, then our Life Coaching will help you work through these issues while our fun, social and motivating exercise sessions will get you moving.

Jodi educates her client's in many aspects of wellness including general health and nutrition.

As a qualified personal trainer, Jodi is able to tailor the training to the clients needs taking into consideration goals and health history. Sessions are always different, suit all fitness levels and abilities.

Personal Training for Everybody!

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Jodi offers a range of personal training options. Suitable for all fitness levels.

JUMPT is also accredited for the 84 Day Challenge. Join the revolution. Sign up today.

Life Coaching helps you get past your road blocks in fitness or just life in general. Your first session is free. Book Now.


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